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78 023 euros, includingn VAT (private customers), including full instrument panel, VHF radio, GPS etx (all you need). Aircraft delivered at Nitra.

Prices for year 2010 have a slight increase from last year, due to engine price increase.

For company deals, basic price 0% VAT at Nitra is 62 922 euro.

Ordering; When ordering you pay (to factory) a reservation fee of 2190 euros. You will be given serial number and delivery date. When delivery is in about 2 months in future, you pay (to factory) 50% of the total price. All options for the aircraft must be fixed at this point. No alterations after this! Rest of price will be due before delivery.

Transport costs as they are agreed. Cheapest is to fly it by yourself. Truck transport is around 2500 euros.

Standard equipment:

Extensive basic equipment, you need only add your own lisence to fly. We believe that nobody need a strip down aircraft, which is ofter that "prices starting at" model. The standard equipped plane we propose is suitable and safe for normal pilots. If you have special need, give us a message and we start to built a proposal for your extra needs.

Optional equipments (Price includind VAT):

toe brakes for pilot 368
Magnum Speed rescue parachute, installed 3707
extra fresh air vents to doors 81
transponder antenna installed 46
other radios, (in stead of the standard) ask
Becker transpond (about) 2460
Trigg TT-21 transponder 1960
   any special colour, single color 500
windshield cover fabric (for ground use) 96
tow bar (for ground use) 205
tail ground handling wheel, small (for ground use when wings are folded) 39
tail ground handling wheel, large, (for ground use when wings are folded) 118
Rotax 912 ULS extra price 1163
Skis 450

Tail wheel version (K2) has same price tag. Otherwise similar to 3K, but ahs tow brakes as standard.

dated 9.8.2014