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EuroFox is light aircraft, registrated as ultralight or LSA -class aircraft (rules permitting), This is an excellent alternative, if you need a versatile aircraft to Scandinavian conditions. EuroFox has proven to be an good trainer aircraft.


EuroFox is made with either nose or tail wheel landing gear. It can be fitted with skis, floats or aphibious floats.

Wings can be folded into storage position in less than 15 minutes. This eases hangaring and other outside airfield operations. Aircraft needs no other preparations for road transport (in trailer)!


EuroFox is designed and built for usability. It is easily repairable locally or in any repair facility. Spare parts can be delivered to you in most cases in day or two. Life cycle or the aircraft does not end when customer receives it, but is supported foe decades. About 310 aircrafts have been manufactured since 1980, and none has been in fatal accident.

Ample range:

Standard fuel tanks hold 84 liters.


As with others aircrafts in this class.

Delivery and costs

EuroFox is readied to flight condition at factory. The most natural way is that it is flown to you. If you are not familiar to fly in central Europe, a co-pilot can be arranged. Of course land transport is possible and eary to arrange. Aircraft will be tranported by truck to your location and after off-loading it is technically airworthly in minutes (but paperwork might take some time).